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The Mindful Place is just that – Mindful. It’s a place where you can drop your shoulders, steady your feet and acknowledge the breath in your body. A place of calm where life can stand still and you can savour every moment, albeit for a short while.
The Mindful Place is somewhere for you to be yourself. To drop the ‘mask’ that so many of us wear to show we are coping and doing fine. So often we strive to keep up appearances, not wishing to show cracks in our demeanour, but to let the world know we’re ‘ok’ – but this can be exhausting – mentally, physically and spiritually.
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Meet Fran

No stranger to the stress and strains of modern life, Fran created a space at the bottom of the garden, where she could escape and be calm. Primarily a space that provided her with an income, but over time has become not only her safe haven, but a safe haven for the many women that have take the time out of their busy lives to nurture themselves and reset the balance between the body and mind.


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Unbiased support amidst the chaos of modern life.

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Cancer Care

Helping individuals with cancer to relax, restore energy, and reduce stress.
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Long Term Effects of Stress


Some lovely words about us

The Mindful Place is not a nail studio or a massage parlour but a whole body and mind wellbeing experience. Fran brings decades of experience and expertise in a broad range of treatments but provides so much more to her clients, with her compasssionate, holistic, understanding approach.

I can’t recommend Fran enough! She has such a talent to make me feel calm and relaxed as well as listened to. I always leave feeling 10 times lighter, body and mind. Thank you, Fran

A friend recommended Fran to me telling me of her calming effect during appointments. When I arrived for my first appointment, I walked in and burst into tears. I had been through a very difficult time having been involved in a brutal car accident, losing my husband and being seriously injured. Fran just did what she does best immediately giving me 3 hours of her time with some relaxing beauty therapy and lots of listening and chat. I, like Fran, am a great believer that stress is not good for you so learning how to deal with it has to be one of the most important things for us to learn. As time has gone on, I now feel very in control of my life and listen to my body. Over time I have got to know Fran rather well and appreciating hugely my time spent with her.

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providing a holistic approach to your overall wellbeing.

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Whether you are looking for somewhere to get prepared for your wedding day or an impromptu treat, The Mindful Place is somewhere special, personal and quite different to regular beauty salons.


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