The time has come for me to close the curtains at The Mindful Place. Whilst the government haven’t said anything about one2one therapists (that I’m aware of) I have a responsibility firstly to my family and then to you, my wonderful, wonderful clients.

There’s no two ways about it, I will miss you all tremendously, but keeping two metres away from you whilst trying to paint your nails is a feat way beyond my expertise.
I’m brilliant, but not that brilliant.

Do NOT let your standards slip ladies, paint those nails, trim your lady gardens and take this time to perfect the art of painting on your eyebrows.

Please schedule time for yourselves, away from annoying husbands and ratty kids, you are too important and I want you all sane as we come out the other side of this crazy and somewhat scary time.

Stay fit, stay healthy, stay at home and let’s hope that it’s all over soon, I’m planning a comeback as a slimmer version of myself, so every cloud and all that…

Sending love,

2 responses to “Covid-19”

  1. Jacquelyn Murphie Avatar
    Jacquelyn Murphie

    Invoice me Fran!
    Jacquelyn xx

    1. You’ll not give up will you!! I’ll do it now.

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