Congratulations, you’re having a baby. Whether this is your first, second or third baby, now is a time for you. For the next nine months of your life, your body is being used to house, for want of a better word, another human being, your child… a little boy, or girl or maybe one of each if you’re carrying twins, but whatever the sex, this child is 100% reliant on you… no one else… just you.

Whilst pregnant, your body undergoes changes, some very subtle, others huge and there’s no escaping it. For some, these changes are viewed as wonderful miracles, for others, they can be depressing, debilitating and downright unfair, but as with all pregnancies, not one is the same, so whilst we may suffer from cramps in our legs with our first baby, it may be back ache with the next and so on… I guess this is why we do it over and over again, nine months isn’t a long period in the grand scheme of things is it, but at the time it can seem like forever.

This is where I come in. Having had two pregnancies myself, I feel qualified to offer advice, to stand by my beliefs and urge you to take time for yourself during this period of ‘waiting’ and ‘growing’. I decided to specialise in pregnancy massage because I wouldn’t have coped without massage during my pregnancy and if I can offer even the smallest amount of relief to my clients, then I am doing a good job.

All the treatments I offer are beneficial to you during pregnancy. I have sourced wonderful products, created a perfectly peaceful ambiance in which to have these treatments and I have ‘been there and done it’ and therefore understand. Empathy is sometimes all we need when we’re feeling wretched, tired, elated, excited, terrified, uncomfortable and worn out. I’m good with empathy. I listen, I hear and it’s a privilege for me to treat you at this very, very precious time in your life.

So, here at The Mindful Place, I aim to provide you with a little time out for you. Whether it’s your back that needs treating, or just your shoulders, whether your legs are aching because you haven’t time to rest at home I can help. Maybe your skin is suffering and actually you’d just really like someone else to clean it for you, or you can’t reach your feet anymore and you’re panicking about the sight of your toenails? I can help. Maybe you’re going to a wedding and you’re feeling fat and frumpy and there’s nothing you can do about it? There is, come and get your nails painted.

Just a little time out for you will do you the world of good, remind yourself that YOU are important too – let’s face it, if you weren’t around and fighting fit, where’s that baby going to grow? There is scientific proof that human touch has healing properties, call me self-centred but research has revealed that a person giving a massage experiences as great a reduction in stress hormones as the person on the receiving end. Studies have shown that a person giving a hug gets just as much benefit as a person being hugged, and it’s true, I LOVE my work and feel like a better person for doing it.

So don’t hold off, give me a call for a chat, make an appointment for a consultation, and let me help. Let ME look after you over the next nine months… apart from the cost of the treatment I don’t ask for anything in return, so when I give you a massage, don’t worry, I’ve not banked it as a credit, I shan’t come back to you and tell you you owe me. I won’t insist that if I massage your feet you have to do mine. I won’t scoff at your complaints and I will revel in your happiness too… it’s a win win situation.

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